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Actions of Hope

"Standing near the fire surrounded by its light, Shyaklá gazes across the arc of her community. Their faces still and waiting."

Dive of the Ravens2

Chapter 27: Dive of the Ravens

“How can it be working and not working?” He addresses the comms panel. “Why are you not working?” He stops and considers. “Something blocking the signal? Some weird atmospheric—.” 

Chapter 28: Neurorealignment

"John’s eyes slip behind a curtain into a memory, the worst memory. The one he won’t share. He shakes it off and focuses beyond the wheat field to the thin blue line of the horizon."

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Stranger from Afar.jpeg

Chapter 31: Stranger from Afar

Shyaklá peers into the dark at the form. She is vaguely aware of her cast of little ones retreating to their parents who are now standing, ready to fend off whoever or whatever is invading their community. 

Chapter 32: The Silver Shelf

“It’s like a shelf in the clouds nailed to the sky.” His face is flat, eyes fixed and dazed as though he were staring at an equation so dense its solution required all of his synapses and neurons firing at maximum. 
The Lone Voyage.jpeg
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