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A Symphony of Synchrony

"… as Shyaklá, her beloved, and friends tell the whisper on…"

Alex Switzer - Still Home

Chapter 45: The Chairman

“No no no. We’ve been over this. We mind our own and you stay the hell away from us. It took the whole world going to shit so we could get back what’s ours. We’ll let you live where you do but you keep the hell away from us.”

Chapter 46: Subtropolis

"The six stand before the gaping dark mouth. The cave’s concrete rectangular jaw crumbling away as the hillside slowly eats it.  On the asphalt road, buckled with weeds, a blue sign lays in broken chunks, a giant’s jigsaw puzzle."

Terro on the Hilltop

Chapter 48: Terror on the Hilltop

Another strike of lightning crackles across dark clouds. Through the double wide door formed by streaming blue strings, bursts a shadow, heaving, hunched, and issuing a grotesque grumbling.

Chapter 51:
The Final Onslaught of Lawrence

"Halfway across the bridge’s 3000-meter span, hundreds of cloaked and hooded figures stream toward the Enclave, unfazed by the pelting rain. The pounding of their heavy boots and the clomps of the dozen on horseback out of synch and chaotic, a thousand hail stones pinging off a tin roof."
Final Onslaught
Heart Time 1.png

Chapter 50: Heart Time

Kali fingers the stone. She reaches out her palm, placing it on the center of his chest. “Yes. And this is where I belong.” 

Chapter 50: Bellana's Prayer

"A gray morning haze surrounds Bellana. She unfurls a rectangle of purple, roughhewn cloth, lays it before a stump ringed by apple trees. She kneels and lights a red candle while an arc of pictured ancestors watches."
Bellana's Prayer.jpeg
The Dream that is Next.png

The Dream that is Next

"Where her bones are put to rest and long after, a silver oak blooms."

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